Wedding Prep Friendly Butterfinger Bars!

So we all have a favorite candy bar, right? Well, Will is slightly obsessed with Nestle Butterfinger bars. He loves getting his paws on those, especially as a topping on an ice cream sundae. So I was perusing through some food blogs I frequently use for desserts, and I found a post by Chocolate Covered Katie for a healthy version of this delicious candy bar. Well first and foremost, please check out her blog. Her recipes are amazing. Secondly, you should absolutely try her version of these decadent little candy bars.


So please go to her blog to see the recipe!

I followed her instructions exactly to create the initial mixture shown below.


I took this mixture and spread it out evenly into an 8×8 pan (lined with wax paper). As directed, I put the mixture straight into the freezer to let harden.


Now Chocolate Covered Katie claims this next part is optional, but in my eyes, it is absolutely mandatory to fully complete the bar. What, am I so passionate about?? Well, that my friends is the CHOCOLATE topping. Okay, so at any point really you can melt the chocolate chips and then pour them atop the “Butterfinger” base.


Freeze again, until chocolate topping is hardened and TADA!

Okay, so what did I use/do? Well, I already had honey in the house, and to save money I chose to forgo the agave. I used regular molasses and rather than use white sugar, I used Coconut Palm Sugar (I recommend you read about it!). I chose to use creamy natural peanut butter ( I ALWAYS have it in the house), corn flakes (because they were on sale!), and Ghirardelli semi sweet morsels for the chocolate topping.

So I’ll be totally honest, I messed up on the very last step. Chocolate Covered Katie recommends letting these bars thaw slightly to cut them. Welp, I was way too anxious. I cut into them while completely frozen, and here is the result… oops.


So, if you want perfect little rectangle bars, I suggest you wait. But, on the other hand, my little candy bars have more character!

These bars are amazing. Crazy similar to the original! Next time, I will definitely use agave only because you really can taste the honey.  Regardless, they are amazing little nuggets that Will can pull out of the freezer and eat whenever he likes. Not only do they contain lots of nutrients, they are definitely wedding prep approved!



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