Pita Pizzas

If you are anything like me, some days you are just not into cooking a huge meal. Growing up in a money conscious household, eating out was not a common occurrence. Of course we would get take out pizza and things, but only maybe once a week,  if that. My amazing Mother was really great at making meals that not only fit within our budget, but were fun for us little kids to help make and eat. I have taken these memories and techniques with me into my adulthood. I am still a huge kid at heart, and will always adore these types of meal.

So where am I going with all this nostalgic jabber? Well, when my brother and I were little, my Mom would sometimes have us help her make pizza bagels. YUM. You literally take a bagel, add sauce and cheese, and plop that bad boy in a toaster oven. So, if you didn’t know, now you know. But, if you’re like me, you might want that pizza bagel to have a mini “adult” makeover.

Well, I have been making these for a long while. But gosh, I may have found the perfect “Grande” pitas to use for this recipe, and last night’s pizzas turned out SO delicious.


So here is what you will need.

Pitas, and unless you eat like a mouse – at least 1 per person eating
Pasta or Pizza Sauce or Garlic w/ Olive Oil (whatever you have in the pantry)
Toppings- Go crazy! Use whatever your taste buds desire.
Cheese- cheddar, goat, feta, mozzarella, or whatever goes well with your chosen toppings

Put your oven to ‘broil’ on the highest temp. Place your pitas on a baking sheet and put the sauce, toppings, and cheese on. Put it in the oven, and watch it! I normally keep these in the oven for about 10 mins, but it absolutely depends on your toppings and the thickness of you pita.


Here are some tips I have from the MANY times I have made these.

  •  Do not use low fat cheese. It doesn’t melt. (fat is OK people, don’t skimp on the creamy deliciousness)
  • Pasta sauce works perfectly! Will and I only use half a jar, if that, when we make pasta. Therefore, we always have leftover sauce in the refrigerator. You do NOT have to go out and buy a red sauce specific to pizza, unless you want to. Garlic and Olive Oil make an absolutely amazing sauce/spread for the pizza. I always have these two things in my kitchen, and I happen to love white pizza, so I use this a lot.
  • What are some toppings I use ? Well, spinach/kale, onions, olives, tomatoes, peppers (bell, jalapenos, etc.)
  • If you use spinach, or some other green, put that on right after the sauce. By putting the toppings and cheese on top, it seems to wilt the greens faster, and helps “glue”  the greens to the pizza (so it doesn’t fall off as soon as you bite into it).

So next time you are at the grocery store, find a pita you like (there are tons)! Remember to look for ones that mimic the type of pizza crust you prefer. Quickly look at the nutrition facts, this is sort of a “healthy” makeover from the pizza bagels, so don’t get duped!

This meal literally takes 5 minutes to prep, ~10 mins to bake, is very budget friendly, and is SOOO yummy.


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