Making the Most of a Dreadful Night Before Travel

So sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days! I have been traveling, and therefore haven’t been cooking quite as much as I normally do. Well, let us go back in time to Thursday evening, the night before our 6 A.M. flight home to little Delaware. Will and I needed to go home to take care of some wedding things. If you have ever planned a wedding, you will understand how busy life can be 4 months out from the big day.

The night before early morning flights, I absolutely refuse to cook. I need to focus my energy on packing, rather than cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. (Side note: I absolutely despise packing.) Also, remember how I don’t like to waste things? Cooking at home the night before a trip usually creates leftovers that must be thrown out. I prefer just getting some sort of portion friendly take-out that comes in disposable containers (I’m sorry this isn’t the most environmentally friendly option 😦 ). This way we can finish with no mess! Will and I have a couple go-to meals, but our absolute favorite is sushi. Basically, we are ALWAYS looking for some sort of excuse to eat this delicious meal.


So over the 8.5 years Will and I have been together, our taste in sushi has completely evolved. I distinctly remember my very first bite of sushi. Will and I were at Hibachi, celebrating something with his family. At this point in my life, I literally had NO clue about sushi. I didn’t even really know what it was. I clearly recall Will’s mom asking me to try a piece of her eel roll. Well, since I am pretty much willing to try anything as long as it is not known to be poisonous, I plopped the little piece in my mouth and ate it. It was ‘meh’ at best.

The next time I took a stab at eating sushi was at Pod Restaurant in Philadelphia (a delicious and very fun place to eat, by the way) for an anniversary dinner with William. We ordered a special roll with warm delectable shrimp tempura, and my world turned upside down. IT WAS AMAZING.

So, for MANY years, Will and I ate all (I really mean ALL) the trendy sushi rolls. Eventually we realized that consuming the quantity of shrimp tempura we were eating in one sitting, wasn’t the most healthy option. We searched for more stripped down versions of these rolls, and we found our current love- Nigiri Sushi.  Nigiri Sushi in particular, is pieces of raw fish resting upon little mini logs of rice. This type of sushi really allows one to fully enjoy the naturally delicious flavors of each piece of raw fish. YUM.


Also, if you enjoy this type of sushi as much as I do, here is where I tell you about the amazing bargain.  (Yes, embarrassingly, I find bargains even in restaurants.) Most sushi restaurants will have a “Sushi Dinner” special that contains about 8 pieces of Nigiri sushi, and a roll. Usually the roll is your choice of a california, tuna, or yellowtail roll. All of this is ONLY around 19 dollars. WOW. Can you say deal!? I know this is more expensive than most fast food, but really if you have ever in your life had a sushi craving, you will understand.


I know sushi is not for everyone, but I had to share with you my love and passion for this delectable cuisine! Having your favorite meal, sushi or not, the night before an early flight can make the arduous task of packing seem that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend this technique.

Finally, in case you are curious, our favorite places to grab sushi are Pinang in Newark, DE and Aka Sushi House in Houston, TX. Will and I have tried SO many places. Please take our advice and try these little gems. We are not a fan of the super trendy, so if that’s your thing, these places probably will not make your personal top 5 list.




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