Adventure in Healthy Baking

Goodmorning y’all!

So have you ever baked something that looked a little goofy, but tasted absolutely amazing??

Well, this is when I tell you about my attempt at baking healthy chocolate chip cookies last night for my associate. To preface, before I show you any pictures, William told me these were one of his favorite cookies EVER, next to my brown sugar, sugar cookies ūüôā .

Alright, so going with the “wedding prep friendly” theme in the area of desserts, I was looking for a healthy version of my absolute favorite cookie. Obviously, this is a soft, warm, chewy, decadent chocolate chip cookie. Normally, I have a recipe I ALWAYS¬†use¬†that has never ceased to amaze me. Welp, let’s just say ya can’t eat those every night leading up to the wedding.

Where did I turn first? My absolute favorite blog for amazingly delicious healthy treats, Chocolate Covered Katie¬†. She is basically a genius in the baking world.¬†She incorporates wholesome ingredients together without all of the butter and white sugar, to make “healthy” desserts that still taste exquisite.

After eating pita pizzas last night (yes, again), I decided to whip up¬†Katie’s¬†super easy “Not Guilty Chocolate Chip Cookies” .

Here are some notes of what I used:

  • I used all-purpose flour, as opposed to oat or spelt
  • I used almond milk as my milk of choice
  • Instead of using either white or evaporated cane sugar, I used ONLY coconut palm sugar, for the total amount of sugar the recipe called for


First of all, the dough tasted AMAZING, like wow. I mean literally, who cares what the cookie looks like, I could just eat that. But, I decided to continue on with her recipe and actually bake the batter. So having had the oven preheated to 375 degrees, I rolled the dough into about 9 little balls, placed them on a baking sheet, and put those bad boys in the oven. Katie suggests keeping them in the oven for about 6-7 minutes. As with most cookies you must take them out slightly underdone, because as they cool on the pan, they will cook even more.


Okay, so here is when things got strange. I took the cookies out at 6 minutes to check on them. Oopsies, they were a little puffy (like hadn’t spread out) and very underdone. So naturally,¬†I squished them down with the spatula. Yep, so they got a little mushed looking. I ended up leaving them in the oven for 8 total minutes, let them cool on the pan for another 5 minutes, and then dug in.


Of course I was so angry that I messed them up a little, because they weren’t as pretty as Katie’s on her blog, but Will did not care one bit.


I think when I used only coconut palm sugar, instead of mixing in some white sugar, I threw off the consistency? Or, maybe I didn’t add enough milk to the batter? Who knows, I am determined to figure it out.

Really, who cares though, Chocolate Covered Katie strikes again with a completely wonderful recipe. She has another recipe for chocolate chip cookies I will be trying very soon, as even in wedding prep Will and I eat dessert each night (yes, we are 5 years old at heart).


As I told you guys from the beginning, I am always going to show you the good, bad, ugly, and even goofy in my culinary & baking world. Life is never ever perfect, and really, it would be boring if it was. Never be afraid to make mistakes, in life and in the kitchen. Great and extremely delicious things can come of it!




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