Overjoyed by Jeni’s

If you know me, you know I LOVE ice cream.

When I was in Nashville visiting one of my best friends, she took me to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. I had neither heard of this ice cream shop, nor did I know until later that you can purchase their ice creams nationwide.

We walked through the doors of this adorable little shop, and I was immediately overwhelmed. They had so many different flavors and toppings to choose from. Naturally, as neither of us had been there, we tasted as many flavors as they would allow. They literally offer everything from Dark Chocolate to Brambleberry Crisp. Oh my goodness, everything was amazingly creamy and delicious. As we agonized about which kind(s) to get, the line built up behind us. By the time we sat down, the place was absolutely packed.

What flavor(s) did I end up getting? Welp, as I always enjoy getting multiple flavors (it helps me cope with my indecisive nature), I chose a scoop each of The Buckeye State (peanut butter and dark chocolate) and Roxbury Road (dark milk chocolate, smoked almonds, marshmallow, and caramel). I also chose to top it all off with their Salty Graham crumble. WOW.

So let’s fast-forward a few days. I am now back in Houston perusing Whole Foods for a delectable dessert with my associate. While casually strolling down the ice cream aisle, I literally yelped out loud for joy. THEY HAD PINTS OF JENI’S. Dessert was immediately decided upon. Salty Caramel ice cream atop a giant Whole Foods’ chocolate chip cookie. Now, Will was completely hooked.

This past weekend Will and I decided to revisit the amazing and unique flavors of Jeni’s. We picked out a pint of Whiskey & Pecans, as William is quite the sophisticated whiskey drinker.


Even though Will is not normally a huge fan of nuts in his ice cream, he LOVED it. I was obsessed. Really though, who was I kidding?? I knew before it even reached my taste buds that I would fall in love.

Although my heart will always be with Woodside Farm Creamery (back in little Delaware), Jeni’s is truly a taste of heavenly goodness.

Next time you are looking for a rich and decadent pint of ice cream to stand alone, or even to melt atop your warm cookies and brownies, I urge you to try Jeni’s. As it is VERY expensive, it helps you to savor the deliciousness, as opposed to eating the entire pint in one sitting 🙂 .



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