Lazy Sunday Chili

Have you ever squished everything you wanted to accomplish in an entire weekend, into a single Saturday?

Well, that is exactly what my associate and I did this past weekend.

So, by the time that Sunday rolled around, we just wanted to go for a run, cook, relax, and watch House of Cards.

As you all probably know at this point, I simply search Google for recipes by entering in the ingredients I wish to use for the meal. This particular week I wanted to make a simple, delicious, inexpensive, yet healthy turkey chili.

I stumbled upon Eat Yourself Skinny’s blog, and her wonderfully easy recipe for “The Best Turkey Chili You’ll Ever Taste.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all about eating healthy for the wedding, but when a blog is named “Eat Yourself Skinny” I become quite skeptical. Having made all types of chili in the past, I took a look at the ingredients, and concluded that it should taste just fine. The only real difference that I noticed, was that she suggested the use of 99% lean turkey. Did I use that? No, because 1) I have always found ‘extra lean’ ground turkey to be a little too dry and 2) it was more money than I wanted spend this week on turkey. So, Will and I settled for ‘lean’ ground turkey instead (about 93% lean). Honestly, it doesn’t matter.

Please go to her website for the recipe, but here is a list of the things I did a little differently 🙂

  • Like I said before, rather than use 99% extra lean ground turkey, I used one with a higher fat percentage.
  • I didn’t worry about salt content when I purchased the cans of crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, or kidney beans. I really just looked for the least expensive option.
  • I used Sriracha as my hot sauce of choice.
  • Rather than use both a red and green bell pepper, I used 2 green bell peppers because they were less expensive at the store.
  • Instead of adding a packet of Stevia, I used a spoonful of coconut palm sugar.

Okay, so as it was Sunday, and Will and I were both feeling a little tired, I fully admit I misread the first part of her instructions. Initially, I thought she had said to add the olive oil into the pot, and then brown the turkey before adding everything else. WRONG. At the time I had finally realized her actual instructions, I had already mixed the garlic, onions, green bell peppers, and jalapenos all together in a Pyrex bowl. Oh well, life goes on, the more the merrier.


So, what did I do? Well, rather than just adding garlic and onion, and letting it soften before adding the 2 lbs of meat, I added my “mistake” of a mixture, and let that soften. (This changed nothing. If anything, I think it made the meat a little spicier in the long run, and I might even do it this way again. 🙂 )

After you let your garlic and onion (or “mistake of a mixture”) soften/sweat for a few minutes, you add your meat!


While the meat is browning, I suggest you put the rest of the ingredients into a large bowl. That way, when the meat is browned, you can just add everything, give it a good mix, and start the timer! (Do not forget to drain the meat before adding the rest of the ingredients, as liquid tends to build up in the pot. I did this 3/4 of the way through cooking the turkey, so that it browned a little better.)

After everything was added and stirred, I covered the chili and let it cook on medium-low for an hour. Every 20 minutes, or so, I gave the chili a little stir. As the chili cooks down, your kitchen will smell DIVINE, as did mine.


The last 15 minutes, or so, I removed the lid to allow some of the liquid to cook off.

Anddddddd, you’re done!

This recipe makes a lot of chili (about 8 servings)! This is perfect for lunches, leftovers, and freezing for another week. (After eating, Will and I portioned the chili out into two lunches for Will, a dinner for later this week, and we put some in the freezer to have the following week.)

So honestly, this chili was hands down the BEST turkey chili Will and I have ever had. I’m not making this up. Even last night, as we ate some of the leftovers, Will and I kept talking about how delicious it was.

Before I forget, let’s discuss toppings! To me, chili is not the same without some simple and classic toppers. The world is your oyster, and I encourage you to think outside the box, but here’s what we used.

  • sliced jalapenos
  • shredded cheddar
  • sliced avocado


I urge you to make this chili! It is SUPER budget-friendly, healthy, and absolutely delicious!









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