Genuinely Simple

So, I have not yet done any product reviews on here that aren’t directly related to food, but when I came across the amazing company, Genuinely Simple, I had to share!

Each day I try to use products that contain wholesome ingredients that I can read, understand, and research. This holds true for most things, from food to anything and everything in my beauty regimen. Yes, I am the girl who uses coconut oil for EVERYTHING.

I guess I need to let you know that all of this started when I realized I had extremely sensitive skin. After figuring out that I needed to pay close attention to what I put on my body, it was simply easier to stick to the most natural forms of products. For example, growing up I always used Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E. This was a little trick from my gorgeous mother, that works wonders. No matter how wonderfully nourished my skin felt, or how much I felt I was preventing scars and stretch marks, my skin would remain slightly irritated. Well, if you look at the ingredients on the back of those “formulas,” there are a lot of other ingredients than just Cocoa Butter. Today, let’s just say I use 100% Cocoa Butter. Who would have guessed that without all of the fillers, it is actually solid at room temperature!

Here is where Genuinely Simple comes into my life. A good friend of mine, and fellow believer in all things most natural, came to me and asked me to try these handmade products created by a friend of hers. Of course I wanted to get my hands on these gems!

Let me tell you, these products far exceeded my expectations. From the adorable packaging to the ingredients, I fell in love.



Here we have the Unscented Comfrey Cream, Multi-Use Healing Salve. This product is absolutely amazing. First and foremost, take a look at those ingredients. You can read them all in 3 short lines! Even if you were unsure about any of these, you could EASILY Google them. Trust me though, these are all wonderfully nourishing ingredients for your skin.

The lotion feels absolutely amazing when you first put it on. You don’t need much, because it glides on, and rubs in with great ease. It has a lovely natural smell, even without the additional essential oils that are in some of the other Comfrey Creams.

Next, we have the Lavender and Peppermint Comfrey Creams.



These lotions smell absolutely delightful when you rub them into your skin. The reason I am showing you the ingredients of these as well, is to point out to you that each amazing aroma is simply created by adding only ONE additional ingredient to those listed on the Unscented Comfrey Cream (the essential oils!). The lavender is calming, while the peppermint is wonderfully invigorating.

Last but definitely not least, are the Lotion Bars. Wow, these are awesome.



These are no-mess, and are perfect for those men in your life that hate applying lotion. My fiance absolutely despises the mess and hassle of putting on lotion. After bragging to him about how wonderful these products were, I suggested that he try the Unscented Comfrey Lotion Bar. Let’s just say he LOVED it. He put it directly on his Achilles, a place where he strangely has a chronic itch. He applied the lotion, and later said that his itch had calmed for the remainder of the day.

I also received a 2.5 oz version of the Unscented Comfrey Lotion Bar, which is perfect for larger surface areas.


What is the bottom line here? Please try these products. Laura Bellefontaine, the founder and CEO of Genuinely Simple, is amazingly talented at what she does. She is extremely knowledgeable about the healing benefits of the Comfrey plant, and the other wholesome ingredients in her products. It is so wonderful and comforting to know how passionate she is about her products, and their ingredients.

Please take the time to visit their website:

Because of the wedding craziness, and all of the traveling associated, I only had 2 short weeks with these products. I hope to update you all, and let you know more about the long-term use of these products after the wedding is over and my life calms.





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