Sunday Brunch Back in Houston

Hello all!

I really am so sorry for not posting while I was home. Wedding things consumed my days. It is so fun making wedding decisions with my Mom by my side, rather than having her be an entire plane ride away.

So while I was home, my Mom and Brother were both moving about with a nasty cough and some congestion. Welp, as opposed to cooking, I was trying to keep rested and taking the maximum dosage of Vitamin C each day. Proud to say, I think I survived. But, it didn’t mean that my body wasn’t extremely exhausted from fighting off whatever this horribly awful cold was.

I woke up Sunday back in Houston, the day after my lengthy travels, and felt as though I had been hit by a bus. My associate and I had discussed making pancakes in the morning, as we do each Sunday, but I just could not do it. As I had been at home, and Will in Atlanta for a business trip, there was NO food in the house. My cravings for a heartwarming brunch were out of control. Welp, what did we do?? Go to brunch OF COURSE!

Ruggles Green is this restaurant in Houston with a few locations, that serves absolutely delicious healthy cuisine. Trust me, if you’re ever in Houston you should take the time to go. Basically, you order at the counter, take your number with you, and pick your seat. Only one of their locations currently serves weekend brunch. Naturally, it is not the location across the street from us, but still only ~10 minutes away. Off we went!

The menu offers a lot of yummy options. My indecisiveness was a huge issue (per usual).

So what did my associate and I decide to get? Will ordered the Huevos Rancheros (no surprise really). I was torn, but went with the Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes (GF).  WOW.  Let’s just say, we will be going back.


Did I mention the coffee was amazing too!? It is always so refreshing to find a restaurant that offers brunch made with wholesome ingredients, that leaves you feeling simply delighted 🙂 .

Many more brunch posts to come, as it is absolutely my favorite meal of all time. At home or dining out, brunch brings people together, warms hearts, and fills bellies with absolutely wonderful food.