Brown Sugar, Sugar Cookies

Let’s cut right to the chase, as this cookie is my associate’s absolute favorite.

So, when it came down to deciding what to have for Easter dessert, there was really no competition.

The real story behind these fabulous cookies is really quite funny. Right around Christmas, Will needed 2 dozen cookies for a “cookie swap” at work. Naturally, he asked me to make these cookies for the swap THE NIGHT BEFORE.

Oh, men.

Well, what did I do? I looked in the pantry to see what ingredients I had to work with. In lieu of the situation, it was no surprise that I was completely out of white granulated sugar. I immediately ran over to the computer, and typed in “brown sugar cookies.” I perused through at least a dozen recipes, and finally came across this quite fabulous one. I had all of the ingredients, and the picture was pretty much droolworthy.

Please click here to get the wonderful “Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies” recipe.

So, each time that I have made these (including the Christmas cookie debacle), I have had William help me 🙂 – they really are SO easy.

First thing, remember to preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

This next step is my absolute favorite of any cookie recipe. Mix the sugar with the melted butter and salt. The aroma alone is to die for.


Next, mix in the egg and vanilla.


Okay, so not the prettiest picture, I get it .

(While I was doing this, I had my associate mixing the dry ingredients in a smaller bowl.)

After the butter, brown sugar, salt, egg, and vanilla are all mixed together, you may begin folding in your dry mixture (flour, baking soda, and baking powder).




After all of this is combined, the fun part begins.

It is now time to roll the dough into balls. I just want to add that I make my balls much smaller than noted on the recipe. Really, just make them into whatever size works. Be sure to adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Once the balls are formed, roll each in brown sugar until coated. (For this particular step, I always have to use more brown sugar than is originally called for in the recipe.)


If you are like me and you have been eating cookie dough your entire life sans fear of salmonella, lick your fingers, the spoon, the sides of the bowl, whatever works. I promise, the dough is addicting.

Okay, so time to put these babies in the oven. First, place them on the baking sheet. Spread them out evenly, so that you do not end up with 1 giant cookie blob. Then, put them in the oven for 9-11 minutes. I tend to keep them in there for about 10.

Very important notes:

  • Halfway through your bake time, rotate the pan for more even cooking. I ALWAYS do this.
  • NEVER overcook! They should look crackled, and slightly undercooked when you take them out.
  • After you take them out of the oven, keep the cookies on the pan for about 5 more minutes. They will continue to cook on the warm pan.
  • Next, put them on a cooling rack. If you don’t have one, there are plenty of makeshift ways to do this.



These cookies are a crowd favorite. Not only are Will and I obsessed, so are Will’s coworkers. Will has actually come to me, asking me to make them again, as per a coworker’s request.

We eat them alone, make them into ice cream sandwiches, or we get crazy and put a generous scoop of ice cream on a freshly baked cookie (or 2 🙂 ) with a sprinkle of chocolate chips. YUM.

They go fast, so make sure you get your fair share!





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