Crazy for Brussels Sprouts

An entire post about Brussels sprouts!??

Yes, it is true! I think these little gems get a bad rap. There are many people who seem to despise this green veggie. In my humble opinion, they must be preparing them incorrectly. For example, my lovely Mother never had these in our dinner rotation growing up. Why?? Well, sadly the only Brussels she had ever had were steamed or boiled, and she truly disliked them.

A few years ago, while having dinner at a family friend’s house with my Mom and Brother, I had Brussels for the first time EVER. I fell in LOVE. Our family friends had wrapped them in foil (making a little pouch), mixed them with olive oil and seasonings, and cooked them in the foil pouch on the grill. MIND BLOWN. These Brussels were crispy little nuggets of salty deliciousness.

After moving to Texas, I convinced my associate to bring these little green leafy veggies into our home. He was EXTREMELY skeptical, having never really had them, but went with the idea. Let’s just say, he is a believer. He even begs to somehow incorporate them into our weekly meals, even when they are not initially on the grocery list.

Now to be totally honest, we cook them a few ways. Today, I will tell you about our current favorite technique.

So, first thing is first. You need to wash your Brussels sprouts. (As you should do with all your veggies!!)

Rinse them in a colander, and give them a little shake.

The next thing I like to do, which is personal preference, is to cut the little hard part at the bottom of each Brussels sprout off. I then cut each of the Brussels in half. Cutting them in half, cuts the cooking time down, and allows more the of veggie to be seasoned.

Now, sprinkle your desired amount of olive oil in your frying pan. (For an entire package/bag of Brussels, I use between 1-2 Tbsp of olive oil.) Turn the pan to medium-high heat.

Put the Brussels into the pan, and now season! Here are some suggestions, and really my favorite combo of spices.

  • salt
  • pepper
  • cumin
  • paprika
  • garlic (crushed cloves, or you can use garlic powder)
  • ginger (the paste works best, but can grate or chop your own from ginger root)
  • Dijon mustard

Did you notice I didn’t put measurements? Eyeball it! Season to your personal taste preference.


Basically, I sprinkle the seasoning on, and then mix until the Brussels are mostly coated. If I feel they don’t have enough seasoning, I add some more!

Throughout this cooking process, tend to your Brussels, and be sure to stir them often.

After the Brussels have a little golden brown to them, I turn the heat down to medium/medium-low and immediately complete the next step.

Here is my absolute secret! So, pay close attention.

  • You want to add about 1/4 cup of water into the pan (it will STEAM – this is what you want). Now, as it is steaming and sizzling, put a lid on the pan. This will ensure that the insides of the Brussels are completely cooked. After a few minutes,when the water has cooked off, you can take the lid off.

Make sure the heat is on medium low, and keep cooking until your desired amount of crispiness. (Will and I like ours VERY crispy!)

Test one before you take them off the heat, just to make sure. Let it cool first, trust me.


Please try seeing these little green globes in a new light! Try whatever seasonings your heart desires. They make an absolutely delicious side dish to chicken, burgers, steak, etc. 🙂 . I hope some of y’all will soon be crazy for Brussels too!!



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